DAN ROSENBAUM visits Vitalij Kowaljow,
who is building an impressive reputation as a Verdi bass.

Portraits by Dario Acosta

These days, much is made of the fact that genuine Verdi basses and baritones are in alarmingly short supply. This state of affairs was on my mind when I attended the Met's La Forza del Destino. Singing the Padre Guardiano, that pillar of spiritual strength, was Ukrainian bass Vitalij Kowaljow. It was the last of his Met performances, part of a busy Verdi winter that also included performances of Sparafucile and Walther in Luisa Miller. Kowaljow's voice is a rich, expressive basso cantante, a powerhouse, with seemingly endless reserves of focused sound throughout the range, whether at full fortissimo or sustained piano. In Forza, I didn't just hear his voice, I felt it - a rare experience in an opera world increasingly populated with smaller and mid-weight voices. And Kowaljow brought much more. His superb musicianship and impeccable legato enabled him to spin out the Verdi line effortlessly, while his unaffected delivery of the text underscored the character's humanity and humility.
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Когда мой сын принёс мне статью о парне который достиг призвание оперной Звезды, я с улыбкой вспомнила Ковалёва Виталия.
Труженика, который настойчиво создавал, предпринимал. Жил в скромности с оптимизмом и с Богом.
А ещё был настоящим другом, который умел с терпением слушать, подать руку помощи в трудную минуту.
Человека с чистой душой и совестью.
Нехватит слов описать как я за тебя рада, хочется сказать что это твой заслуженный успех. Желаю щедрых Божих благословений тебе и твоим родным.

С Уважением,

Светлана и Ростислав